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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Nonalcoholic Champagne-Like Toast

12NtM or 12 Noon to Midnight is a company started by two chefs who wanted food friendly but non-alcoholic to serve to their guests. The company makes two flavors, one a peach-like white and the other a sparkling dark pink. 

Photo courtesy of 12NtM Website

Light and refreshing but  not too sweet each glass has about half the calories of wine, a bonus to dieters everywhere.

Photo from 12NtM Website

But the real question is how do they taste and how do they stack up next to your favorite wine or champagne? The fizz is there in both. 

The 'white' has notes of peaches, apricots, white grapes and tea. It's sweet but a good match for your favorite green salad.  Perfect for serving with your salad course for your wedding or at your wedding shower.

Photo of cocktails from 12NtM on web page

The red, or Rouge, is drier but also just a bubbly. It offers notes of dark cherry and plum, almost like a light rosé. 

12NtM doesn't offer the complex taste of most wines but if you're looking for a fun to drink choice that you can serve wedding guests, 12NtM is a good choice. Fun for your guests to drink without cloying sweetness. Another option is to use them as a 'mixer' to create a non-alcoholic but refreshing and sophisticated wine-like cocktail. Find recipes for cocktails or food pairings here.

12NtM is available at your local Whole Foods or Wegman's.

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