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Friday, April 26, 2013

Floral Champagne Garnish

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart
If you are a bride who wants her champagne toast to stand out from the crowd and be memorable, try this Martha Stewart trick. The addition of tiny roses add elegance to each flute of champagne and make it a look really special, just like your wedding toast should be.
To garnish, put a toothpick in the bottom of each rose blossom at an angle less than 45 degrees. Cut the rose stems cleanly about 1 inch shorter than your toothpick. Adjust the length depending on the weight of the rose. Put each toothpick inside the rim, balancing the rose bud gently on top. Your guests are sure to be wowed by this extra creativity in presentation. ¡Salud!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guest Post: Signature Drinks for Your 2013 Wedding

Recipe courtesy of Turning Stone Resort

Signature drinks are becoming very popular for 2013 weddings. Having a signature drink at your wedding is great way to save money on the bar bill, but more importantly it is a fabulous opportunity to add a touch of the personality of the bride and groom into your reception. Signature drinks are also very popular for destination weddings.

Signature drinks can be used at the shower, bachelor/bachelorette, and even rehearsal dinner.  The  recipe shown is an exclusive signature drink recipe from the Turning Stone Resort.  Known for their outstanding resort amenities, the resort is a very popular Central New York Wedding Venue.  This recipe would also make for a great signature drink for couples hosting a destination wedding, or a reception post destination wedding.
**My thanks to Michelle Pino for this drink recipe from Turning Store Resort's brochure and for providing useful information for brides planning a signature drink. Sometimes it's nice to hear another voice other than my own on Signature Drinks and my other blogs! Nancy Vecchione, Editor.