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Monday, December 26, 2011

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Is Coming To A Wedding Near You!

All Photos courtesy of Jack Rudy Cocktail Company

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company makes an 'Artisan Tonic' in Charleston, South Carolina.  A small batch cocktail syrup is an easy way to add uniqueness to the drinks at your wedding, adding a perfect 'signature' touch.  Perfect for the southern wedding, or one looking for a touch of the tropics.

What's in Jack Rudy Artisan Tonic? It's made from quinine, lemon grass and orange peel in the Company's own secret recipe which gives you a Gin and Tonic with a complexity and layers of flavor.  Add just the right amount of seltzer and you've brought the phrase 'signature drink' to a new level.  You can also make margaritas, daiquiris, gimlets and caipirinhas with a taste twist to startle your guests who never knew you were such an expert mixologist!

The Jack Rudy Tequila Sunset graces this menu (photo courtesy of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.)

Don't forget, shake their signature apothecary jar with it's letterpress label that will remind you of the historical origins of the first Gin and Tonic and the great tropical cures of the 20th century before you use it.

Visit Jack Rudy's  web site for some great drink recipes that you can enjoy taste testing before the wedding.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Texas Style! Drinkable Centerpiece

It certainly looks like the guests at this wedding enjoyed their drinks - Republic Tequila with it's bottles in the shape of the state of Texas is perfect for the couple planning a Texan wedding or even just a Texan style wedding.  Some shot glasses and limes lining the bar--yee ha! A very good time will be had by all! 

Feeling a little less wild? A little more ladylike? Serve some margaritas or provide some individual drinks.  Some brides use the bottle surrounded by shot glasses and salt as centerpieces.  Hmm... I've heard of eatable flowers but... drinkable centerpieces... photo credit.

Would You Drink Ale From A Pink Bottle?

Weddings are feminine (think pink?) and sweet (think doughnuts) so why shouldn't this ale be the perfect drink for a groom's big day? (why just the groom's? because no bride would touch the stuff!)Rogue's Bacon Maple Ale, a bold fusion of doughnuts, bacon, maple syrup and alcohol is with us, for better or worse, and is creeping into taps and it's signature pink bottles now.  We can all give thanks it's not pink in color once it's poured!

OK, I know, it looks like Pepto Bismal, and it sounds like something you'd need Pepto for after you drank it.  But you have to give the folks at Rogue credit, it is DIFFERENT!  I'll be the first to admit I have not tasted this Bacon Maple Ale.  I will also say it certainly is...uh...unique? Yes I think that's the word I'm looking for.  Of course I haven't tasted the doughnuts it's based on either.  I'm a jelly doughnut girl.

But it seems Rogue Ales got together with the folks at Voodoo Doughnut to create this unusual tasting ale. What's in it? 2 of the ingredients are bacon and maple syrup from Voodoo's signature doughnuts.  I'm obviously not set out to be a creative brewer, the combo would never have occurred to me.

A 750ml bottle runs you $13 plus shipping so I doubt you'd want to serve it at your wedding brunch, but hey, sure would be fun to see the groom's eyes widen when you offered him this to drink while he's getting ready for his wedding.  Should make a great photo! 

Some states won't allow you to order ale (or any other alcohol) by mail, so check before you order. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sparkler Cocktail

Amy Wisniewski from's newsletter just sent me an email with the most gorgeous idea for a signature drink for your wedding.  (Also great for wedding showers!) It's a citrus and ginger cocktail that is made from Domaine de Canton (a ginger flavored liqueur found in specialty liquor stores (see previous online link) called a Kumquat Sparkler. 

The recipe below is for only 1 drink, so you'll need to extrapolate it out to fit your numbers.  It's called a Kumquat Sparkler, but don't let the unusual fruit put you off--it's too pretty NOT to make.  And I promise you, you'll enjoy the kumquats. 

Kumquat Cocktail
Ingredients for 1 drink

INGREDIENTS5 ounces dry sparkling wine
1/2 ounce ginger liqueur
2 kumquats, halved crosswise


Combine the sparkling wine and ginger liqueur in a champagne flute. Squeeze the kumquat halves into the glass and then drop them into the drink to serve. 

How easy could it be?  Cut up your fruit ahead of time and pour.  No fancy shaking or stirring that would hold up the bartender, these are literally cut, measure and add the sparkling wine.  So simple, but so so good! 

Take a chance.  Try it this weekend.  That's the best part of having a signature drink, trying all the possible, probable combinations ahead of time!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taste Testing Tequilas? Like Giving To Charity? Let Mad Mex Willow Grove Help!

Planning to serve margaritas at your wedding as a signature drink but can't quite decide which tequila to use?  Which is your favorite brand? What flavor? Traditional or frozen style? With a lime boat floater or without?  It's time to head to Mad Mex Willow Grove to taste test tequilas!

Just a few of the tequilas available at Mad Mex (All Photos courtesy of Facebook)

Help solve the problem by spending multiple date nights at Mad Mex and taste testing all their options. From the Big Azz Margaritas (22 oz. tall!) to their two smaller versions, you'll find Mad Mex Willow Grove has an impressive selection of tequilas. They offer traditional or frozen and fruity margarita options.  Lucky for suburban Philly brides and grooms they no longer have to drive into University City in Philadelphia to partake of Mad Mex's margaritas. Willow Grove now has their own Mad Mex.  Even if you're not getting married it's worth heading to Mad Mex to enjoy their extensive tequila bar. 

Photo from Mad Mex's Facebook Page

On December 20th they're having a 'Tequila Tuesday.'  What's 'Tequila Tuesday?'  On 'Tequila Tuesdays' Mad Mex in Willow Grove PA participates in "Agave to Charity." Celebrating the Benefits of Great Tequila.  How does it work?

  • Come in on 'Tequila Tuesday.'
  • Order your favorite cocktail, margarita or sampling with Tequila from that night's featured distiller (The tequila on December 20th is Casa Noble) and
  • 100% of the drink price will be donated to that week's beneficiary. 

Photo from Mad Mex's Facebook Page

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association of the Delaware Valley will reap the rewards of your taste testing at Mad Mex Willow Grove.  So if you thought you needed a good excuse to spend some time bellying up to the bar and sampling some  of the great tequilas at Mad Mex, head over on the 20th. After all, it's for charity...a perfect reason.

Photo from Facebook

Previous beneficiaries of "Agave to Charity" at Mad Mex Willow Grove were the Philadelphia Paper and Cordage Association, Abington Memorial Hospital, The Nurse Development Fund, the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, Upper Moreland Educational Foundation, and the South Eastern PA Red Cross.

                                                   Photo from Mad Mex's Facebook page       

Can't make it out to Mad Mex Willow Grove on a the 20th but would like to support a local charity? If you'd like to support Philabundance, Mad Mex Willow Grove has a dining invitation for you and up to 23 of your closest friends or co-workers.  Schedule your event at Mad Mex Willow Grove any Monday or Wednesday and enjoy some of their great Cal-Mex  food and drinks and 100% of your tab goes directly to Philabundance

Photo courtesy of Philabundance Web Page

You can schedule benefits on any Monday or Wednesdays for lunch at 11:30 AM or dinner at 5:30 PM.  Groups are currently being accepted through February 28, 2012

For the complete details call Colleen at 267-495-5000 on any weekday.  Remember 100% of your tab goes directly to Philabundance, and all checks will be written directly to them. Reservations are required and they can only schedule one group per day, so call now to schedule your group.  Please don't forget to tip your server generously, 20% is suggested.  (On our visit our server, Rod did a great job--shout out to you Rob!)

While you are there spend some time looking at that big mural in the bar area.  See who you think those faces resemble... we had a great time picking out who we thought they looked like.  I'm sure Mad Mex didn't have anyone in mind when the mural was painted, but if you're waiting for food or drink, or just want to have a good time while you're there, see who you think each of them are! Post below and I'll let you know if we match.

Get together with everyone in your wedding party or just a group of friends from work and have a great time--relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying some classic Tex-Mex at Mad Mex Willow Grove PA.  They try to put everyone together at tables of four or six in the same area to support the party atmosphere. 

If you know someone who is scheduling a group get together this holiday (or even afterwards) and who loves Max Mex's great food and drink, be sure to forward a copy of this post to them--maybe they'll invite you to come too!  Or if you're planning on getting together with friends and would like to help support Philabundance get on board.

If you need a great excuse (um, I mean REASON) to try a few (or more) of Mad Mex's 40+ 100% agave tequilas this is it!  Come on, it is for a GREAT cause! Get a few designated drivers and come on out and enjoy! After all that holiday shopping at nearby Willow Grove Park Mall, you know you need a break!  Just think, over 40 tequilas to taste, share with friends and enjoy after a hard day shopping.

**The author was provided with food and drink for two at Mad Mex Willow Grove free of charge, but any opinion offered is the author's own and not influenced by Mad Mex's generosity.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Lavender Collins & Villeroy and Boch Barware

Villeroy and Boch Lowland Whiskey Glass

A few weeks ago I went to a Cyber Monday party held by PSMM (Philly Social Media Moms) at Dave and Busters in Plymouth Meeting. Dave and Buster's in Plymouth Meeting has some great brand new event rooms perfect for your company Christmas party or pre-wedding shower or rehersal dinner. 

While we were there not only were we wowed by toys from some fabulous toy makers, (and took home some great swag!) but we had the opportunity to sample some some great wine from Paradox Vineyards (PDX) and my favorite, some gift ware from Villeroy and Boch. (If you're planning on picking up a few of these for your home or as gifts for the holidays, be sure to check their web site for special discount codes.)  Also in attendance were the representatives from Cradles to Crayons, a great children's charity that helps children stay safe and warm during the winter. 

While most of you are probably familiar with Villeroy and Boch's china lines, they are that and so much more. I have to admit I totally fell in love with some barware they had on display. So if you're looking for a wedding gift (or even a Christmas gift), head to their web page where you can purchase their Lowland whiskey glasses (shown above) or their Canadian Whiskey Tumblers shown in the signature drink by 12 Bottle Bar shown below.

Not only has Villeroy and Boch designed this great glass and barware they've also provided some great recipes for drinks that are a 'cut above.' 

Tired of the same old Whiskey Collins?  Why not try this Lavender Collins?  Not only is it easy on the eyes, it's smooth going down.  The 12 Bottle Bar web site has this Collins shown in Villeroy and Boch barware--pretty and delicious looking! Love the garnish!
2 oz Leopold’s Gin
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1.5 oz Lavender Syrup (recipe below)
3 oz Club Soda (+/- to taste)
Stir gin, lemon juice and syrup together in a Collins glass.
Add 2-3 ice cubes and top with Club Soda.
Garnish with a lavender stalk and some petals, if you wish.
Lavender Syrup
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Filtered Water
1.5 Tbsp Lavender Buds
The hot infusion method provided by is recommended.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coming Soon! Stay Tuned! Twilight at The Bar

Look for upcoming posts on signature drinks for your Twilight Theme wedding! Visit WDW (Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides (formerly The Wedding Queen) for photos of Bella's gown and information on it's inspiration as well as information on Wildflower Linens newest line of Twilight accessories for your home. Bottle labels for fruit drinks of your choice can be found at DIY Wedding Planning, just print and add to the bottles.