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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fruity Fun Imported from Great Britain

Belvoir Fruit Farms described their drinks as "fresh fruits, flowers and spices with no nasties (colours, flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives." Their fine line of organic cordials, pressés, and fruit juices with spring water are high quality adult soft drinks from Britain. Quotes from foodies include: "If you are looking for an upmarket non-alcoholic drink to quench your thirst, look no further than Belvoirs Elderflower, Gooseberry & Muscat cordial." (Food & Travel, June 2009) and "I've given up alcohol so look for soft drinks with a bit of bite Cranberry pressé by Belvoir Fruit Farms" (Marie Claire, October 2009). They're imported to the US by British Wholesale Imports, British Delights, and The British Aisle. I happened to stumble across them when I was researching fonts (you never know where you'll find a treasure! I was on a Russian web site, just seeing what they had and came across a beautiful bottle of their juice.) It has a unique taste, the packaging is award winning, and the drinks are all high quality organics. Belvoir wins awards for their products year after year. Their web site has some ideas for non-alcoholic drink recipes you could use for a signature drink, or just buy the bottles of fruit juice and sparkling water and serve a non-alcoholic but beautiful drink choice to your guests. For recipes and more information go to their web site at:  Don't forget, cordials need to be diluted about 7 to 1 with either still or sparkling water. 

Left: Belvoir Organic Blood Orange and Mandarin Cordial; Right: are pressés that are already diluted so you can drink them right from the bottle.