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Friday, March 18, 2011

Martinis, Martinis, Martinis! And More!

What is RumChata® and what can I make with it to use as a signature drink for my wedding? "RumChata® is rum cream made as an authentic replica of the best Horchata you have ever tasted. It is made from scratch using real ingredients - rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. This is Real Horchata, not an imitation flavored horchata beverage."
RumChata® Tiramisu Martinis are one option.  This takeoff on the Italian classic of tiramisu flavoring turned into a martini offers your guests a unique flavor combination at your wedding.  The recipe is:

The Tiramisu Martini

2 parts RumChata®
1 part Espresso Vodka

Shake with ice and strain into Martini glass
Sprinkle with Shaved Chocolate (yum!)

You can also use it to make White Russians by using this recipe:

RumChata® White Russian

1 part RumChata®.
1 part Kahlua
1 part vodka

Combine in rocks glass over ice.

Even if you decide not to make these for your wedding signature drink they are a fun addition to any party or event!  Check the RumChata® website for other great drinks made with RumChata®.


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