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Monday, December 26, 2011

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Is Coming To A Wedding Near You!

All Photos courtesy of Jack Rudy Cocktail Company

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company makes an 'Artisan Tonic' in Charleston, South Carolina.  A small batch cocktail syrup is an easy way to add uniqueness to the drinks at your wedding, adding a perfect 'signature' touch.  Perfect for the southern wedding, or one looking for a touch of the tropics.

What's in Jack Rudy Artisan Tonic? It's made from quinine, lemon grass and orange peel in the Company's own secret recipe which gives you a Gin and Tonic with a complexity and layers of flavor.  Add just the right amount of seltzer and you've brought the phrase 'signature drink' to a new level.  You can also make margaritas, daiquiris, gimlets and caipirinhas with a taste twist to startle your guests who never knew you were such an expert mixologist!

The Jack Rudy Tequila Sunset graces this menu (photo courtesy of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.)

Don't forget, shake their signature apothecary jar with it's letterpress label that will remind you of the historical origins of the first Gin and Tonic and the great tropical cures of the 20th century before you use it.

Visit Jack Rudy's  web site for some great drink recipes that you can enjoy taste testing before the wedding.

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