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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blanc de Bleu Sparkling Wine

Blue Champagne? This California sparkling wine will catch the eye of your guests and then rock their taste buds.  Touted as the world's first blue champagne, Blanc de Bleu is the perfect color for a wedding, adding a little extra 'something blue.'

This blue sparkling wine comes is created and produced by Premium Vintage Cellars. It's made from 100% chardonnay grapes raised in Mendocino County in the United States. Grapes are picked when they have a low sugar level for a low alcohol content. After two rounds of fermentation, they add a hint of blueberry extract that gives it the eye catching blue color.

Currently it is only available in California (I know, I'm on the east coast and sighing!) but they will have later release dates for the rest of the United States on their web site.

If you are a bride trying to purchase items for her wedding that are made in the USA, Blanc de Bleu meets the criteria! Love buying things made in the USA.

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