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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pink Your Drink

Chambord's Pink Your Drink program has generated more than $50,000 in donations for Breast Cancer Network of Strength® and other organizations fighting breast cancer.  By adding a splash of Chambord® to any cocktail at your wedding, each bride can supporting breast cancer awareness year round.

Visit where you'll find recipes for great signature drinks perfect for a weddding.  What a great way to support breast cancer research and charities by serving Chambord® based drinks at your wedding reception!

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Chambord®  also has started making a Chambord®  Flavored Vodka that you can order online. 

I had to opportunity to taste this at a recent event for the EP Henry sponsored Patio Party at the Philadelphia Design Home (for more information about this event visit my other blog "The Wedding Queen" at  The Chambord®  Martinis were spectacular! I'm not usually a drinker, let alone a martini drinker, but this martini really was GOOD! While the vodka is only available in liquor stores in some areas, you can order it online for your wedding. 

These drinks are both pretty and taste great! What more could you want for a signature drink for your wedding?  For additional recipes for Chambord®-based drinks visit  Try their recipe for French Sparkle or French Gingerale or my favorite, the Chambord®  flavored martini. 

Garnish Your Drinks

Photo courtesy of Flatiron Kitchen

While you frequently see orange or lime slices garnishing drinks or the ubiquitous olive or onion in a martini, why not try something a little different?  You can freeze whole strawberries and they will act as the perfect ice cube in drinks without watering them down.  You can also skewer a blueberry, raspberry and blackberry and put it in your drink.  Anything that makes your drinks stand out and adds some flavor at the same time.  I think the skewer of berries would be perfect in a Chambourd Martini. 

Handblown Glasses For Martinis

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Enjoy the look of your favorite upscale martini bar in your own home. Serve your favorite martini in these two part handblown martini glasses, add ice to the bottom to keep your drink ice cold no matter how long you sip on it. Also use for serving appetizers like shrimp cocktail, caviar or ceviche. Easy online ordering available. Crate and Barrel makes your wedding gift giving fast and easy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Give Your Drinks a Real Buzz With Fizzy Lizzy!

Photo courtesy of Fizzy Lizzy

I recently discovered some incredible juice drinks at my local Whole Foods.  Known as "Fizzy Lizzy" this award winning beverage is a combination of fruit juice and 'fizzy water', hence the name "Fizzy Lizzy."  Fizzy Lizzy comes in eight different flavors (my personal favorite is pineapple, but try them all!).  I love that they not only quench my thirst but have a high percentage of REAL juice without fillers. 

Their web site reveals there really is a REAL Fizzy Lizzy.  According the the site: "One day back in 1995, Liz (yes, there’s a “Lizzy”) was riding her bike. As usual, she had a carton of grapefruit juice and a bottle of sparkling water in her backpack. You see, it was her habit to mix juice and seltzer and the only way to get that combination was to make it yourself. So she got off her bike, started mixing and had her “aha” moment. The next thing you know Liz is running a little company out of her fifth floor Manhattan walk-up, pounding the pavement and evangelizing (to anyone who would listen) about the virtues of juice and sparkling water without the usual added sugars, gums, or other junk. A new religion is born: The Fizzy Lizzy Church of Healthy Soda (TFLCHS for short). Try Fizzy Lizzy. We think you’ll join up. Whether you’re into our Cranberry or our Pineapple, all are welcome. TFLCHS has a big tent." 

So whether you drink these alone or use them to make signature drinks, Fizzy Lizzy is a great boutique juice option for your wedding. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Planning Your Signature Drink

From Santa Barbara Chic, visit to see more signature drinks

Signature drinks at your wedding can provide a colorful welcome for your guests as well as provide a pop of interest near your bar.  Couple this signature drink with beer and wine and it will help control your alcohol bill for your wedding.

From Santa Barbara Chic, visit to see more signature drinks
Your signature drink does not need to be a new drink, but should reflect the taste of the couple. It can be their favorite drink or can reflect their favorite colors or flavors.  The best way to make your signature drink memorable is is to pay attention to presentation. Having a group of signature drinks setup on a separate table near the bar or passed on a tray will accent your choice and help to prevent a long line at the bar.  All the drinks lined up with their beautiful garnish is so pretty. Be sure your caterer gets the drinks set them up a little before guests arrive so your photographer can get a shot of them.

From Santa Barbara Chic, visit to see more signature drinks

And remember, signature drinks don’t have to be alcoholic. A refreshing lemonade or cucumber water are perfect for a pre-ceremony welcome drink. So have fun creating something personal and refreshing for your guests to enjoy at your wedding.