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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pink Your Drink

Chambord's Pink Your Drink program has generated more than $50,000 in donations for Breast Cancer Network of Strength® and other organizations fighting breast cancer.  By adding a splash of Chambord® to any cocktail at your wedding, each bride can supporting breast cancer awareness year round.

Visit where you'll find recipes for great signature drinks perfect for a weddding.  What a great way to support breast cancer research and charities by serving Chambord® based drinks at your wedding reception!

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Chambord®  also has started making a Chambord®  Flavored Vodka that you can order online. 

I had to opportunity to taste this at a recent event for the EP Henry sponsored Patio Party at the Philadelphia Design Home (for more information about this event visit my other blog "The Wedding Queen" at  The Chambord®  Martinis were spectacular! I'm not usually a drinker, let alone a martini drinker, but this martini really was GOOD! While the vodka is only available in liquor stores in some areas, you can order it online for your wedding. 

These drinks are both pretty and taste great! What more could you want for a signature drink for your wedding?  For additional recipes for Chambord®-based drinks visit  Try their recipe for French Sparkle or French Gingerale or my favorite, the Chambord®  flavored martini. 


  1. Chambord Vodka! WOW! Will have to order some!

  2. Love the pale pink of the vodka, perfect for my wedding which is all pastels.

  3. Perfect for a wedding! We're using pink and cream roses, this will be a nice accent. The guys can have regular martinis..

  4. wow this stuff sounds good and looks so pretty!