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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer's Here and Your Drinks Should Reflect It!

Do these drinks look great to you?  The folks over at Pizzazzerie have the recipes(and more photos too) to make your signature drinks stand out.  This is their photo above to entice you over to their web site! So head on over by using this link!  Pizzazzerie has more than just signature drinks though so take the time to browse their web site for everything to make your wedding day a WOW! Recipes for: Watermelon Berry Sparklers, Peach Summer Sangria, Frozen Cranberry Margaritas, Basil Lemonade, Pink Lemonade Cocktail -- hard to decide which to try first, although that Watermelon Berry Sparkler looks enticing!  What's your favorite? Why?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Add a Candy Twist?

Cocktail hours with candy twists? Hmm... well if these are the twists I'll take some! Pappabubble makes these pretty candy twists to use as drink garnishes that not only add flavor but add color and pizzazz to your cocktails.  Turn your cocktail into a guilty pleasure times two! Contact Papabubble at 2120966-2599.  Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Chanpagne and Lollipops?

Stirred, not sucked is the catchphrase that goes with these liqueur lollipops.  No more 'shaken not stirred,' instead stir your drinks with these liqueur flavored suckers.  As you swirl them around in your champagne glass, let them diffuse and dissolve adding flavor to your champagne.  Use liqueurs like blck currant, raspberry or peach to make these grown up lollipops for your wedding reception.  Photo from Mattha Stewart.

The recipe is Martha's as well:

Champagne Lollipop Stirrers:

Makes 24
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 6 tablespoons water
  • Flavoring extracts (black currant, peach, raspberry)
  • Food coloring (burgundy, ivory, red)


  1. Cook sugar, corn syrup, and the water in a small pan over medium-high heat, brushing sides often with a damp pastry brush, until mixture measures 300 degrees on a candy thermometer. Remove from heat. Stir in flavoring and coloring. Pour into lollipop molds; add sticks while still hot. Let cool completely, then unmold. Store in a single layer in an airtight container with a silica package.


Nonpareil Rimmed White Chocolate Martinis

The folks over at Pizzazzerie are the queens of cocktails with bling! These nonpareil rimmed white chocolate martinis just cement their rep as the queens of drinks that not only taste good but look good too! 

They posted this recipe for a Godiva White Chocolate Martini with directions on how to rim the glasses with pretty nonpareils in the color or colors of your choice. Any version of a white chocolate martini would do.  We suggest having a tray of these pre-made ready for your guests to ooh and ah over so they become part of your decor as well as a drink to die for!

We suggest providing the children at your wedding their own version of these using milk or chocolate milk--just tie a ribbon around the glass to designate the alcohol free versions!  You wouldn't want the kids quaffing back the adult versions!

1 1/2 shots Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1 1/2 shots half-and-half
1/2 shot vodka
Light corn syrup
Dip rim of martini glass in light corn syrup (easiest to pour light corn syrup into a shallow plate and dip martini glass into plate). Pour out nonpareils onto a second shallow plate. Dip martini glass into nonpareils. Fill cocktail shaker with Godiva white chocolate liqueur, half-and-half, and vodka. Shake over ice and strain into martini glass. Enjoy! Optional: Top with a dollop of whip cream!

Cocktails That Remind You of Your Childhood

OK, I admit, I only posted this initially because it cracked me up...and reminded me of my childhood...we used to do this with Kool-Aid and Pop-Rocks, so it's only fitting that we move Pop Rocks to a more adult beverage! For those of you who somehow missed out on the Pop Rock phenomena in your childhood, Pop Rocks are candy that makes a crackling sound as it hits your tongue.  They come in an assortment of flavors. 

For the bridal couple with a sense of humor, just rim your cocktails with these popping candies so they explode on the tongues of your guests.  These recipes found on Pizzazzerie's web site are just a few good combos for either cocktails or mocktails using these fun candy rocks.  Use these or make your own combos.  Half the fun of these is creating your own versions of Pop Rockin' Cocktails and taste testing them.  More recipes on Pop Rocks web site.

How do you make Pop Rock cocktails? According to Pizzazzerie "Simply dampen the edges of your glass with lemon juice. If you have trouble with the pop rocks clumping or sticking, you can try dipping them in a thin layer of caramel (but only use a small amount).Then dip the rims into a plate filled with the pop rocks of choice. You can also simply drop the POP ROCKS into your cocktail for a festive FIZZLE!


1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
3 splashes Pineapple juice
Drop Watermelon Pop Rocks on top


1 shot Strawberry Schnapps
Fill with 7-Up
Drop Strawberry Pop Rocks on top


1 oz Malibu rum
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 splash Pineapple juice
1 splash Cranberry juice
Drop Fruit Punch Pop Rocks on top
Image via Food Network

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lofty Ambitions--Try New Liqueurs By Loft

A new company called Loft Liqueurs founded by two women who were caterers from San Francisco, just released an entire portfolio of organic liqueurs with unusual flavors including lavender, blueberry cello, tangerine cello and lemongrass, and spicy ginger. All are inspired by Italian limoncello. You can read more about these new liqueurs and see all the different flavors available and the limit on using these is just your imagination! Organic, taste good, what more could you ask for?  Oh, one more thing, their web site offers a variety of cocktails to make with these liqueurs.  And bottles that are as beautiful and the taste is good.  Drink chilled or mix with your favorite vodka, rum, Champagne, iced tea, lemonade, soda, sparkling water or juice. Also great over ice cream!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Peach Prosecco Sangria

Having a wedding during the summer? Serve Peach Prosecco Sangria (recipe below).  This great recipe is courtesy of Martha Stewart, the queen of entertaining, so you know it's good!  Use bamboo skewers to keep it green and you're good to go.  Sweet and refreshing, pretty too! Perfect for your wedding or shower.

Peach Prosecco Sangria


1 peach

1 nectarine

3 apricots

5 ounces peach brandy

1 bottle (750 mL) chilled Prosecco, (Italian sparkling wine)

1 cup peach nectar

Superfine sugar (optional)


In a pitcher, combine peach, nectarine, and apricots, all pitted and cut into wedges. Stir in peach brandy; let sit at least 1 hour. Stir in Prosecco and peach nectar. Add superfine sugar, if desired. Serve chilled.