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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Is This?

OK, here's the question, WHAT THE HECK IS IT? If you cheated and checked the link you know it's ice cubes. YES ice cubes! Pretty aren't they? If you're planning a punch that needs a punch of color try using these great ice cubes. Made by adding colored water to small balloons and freezing (oh, and don't forget to remove the balloon!) these great cubes will trick out your punch like you've never seen before.

BUT, (I know, there's always a but...) this is an extremely messy project. Visit this link for exact directions. Be aware these will change the color of your punch as they melt so a test run of the colors you want to combine would be a good idea. Also the directions given are to make them in the snow... so...if you're a June bride, you'd better get these done in January!

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