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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tempt Cider - Cider With A Secret

Tempt Cider
Tempt Ciders tempt the taste buds of Danes and now Canadians. It's not available in the United States yet due to heavy taxation, but wow, those bottles really rock, I can just imagine the flavors of the ciders they make! If you know someone in one of the countries where it is distributed or are willing to take a road trip to Canada from the United States, these ciders are perfect for a wedding or shower.
Tempt Ciders also come in cans--but why waste the metal, the bottles are so pretty and you can turn them into pretty vases afterwards! To see the cans and more photos visit their web page or The Die Line. 
Be sure to take the time to read all about the bottles and the product. Both at tempting and draw the buyer (and reader) in. Bottles with a I have to travel to get some!

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