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Monday, May 30, 2011

Set Up a DIY Champagne Bar

Pizzazzerie suggsted this interesting option for a signature drink.  It's pretty, it's pink and it's a combination of champagne and fruit juice.  Set up your own DIY champagne bar for an elegant option to your usual open bar.  Give your guests a simple but elegant option of sweet cocktails that are a combination of juices like pomegranite, cranberry or other juices mixed with some champagne.  By letting guests make their own cocktails they can opt for simple champagne or add some fruit juices for a more creative drink option.  Give your guests some fresh fruit or berries to add to the rim of their drink, and add some pretty striped straws, (the ones Pizzazzerie showed were from Shop Sweet Lulu.)  You could also make your own drink stirrers or find come on Etsy that coordinate with your wedding colors.  To finish off the DIY champagne bar add possible recipes  and frame them on matte board.  So a few cases of champagne, some juices, elegant glasses with pretty stirrers all add up to an elegant DIY champagne bar that will please both the taste buds of your guests and be pleasing to the eye.  It's the small touches of the recipes and the straws and stirrers that take this DIY bar from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Photo by Rebecca Wood Photography via The Caketress Blog

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Just wanted to wish all my readers a Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your cookouts or beach trips or the day at the pool. See you tomorrow! Nancy&Bill

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking For Gluten Free Beer For Your Wedding?

Are you a bride or groom who needs a gluten-free option for your wedding and you really want to have beer? Now you can! Imbibe Magazine just reviewed the gluten-free beers on the market and found five that they thought were worth giving a shot. Granted they don't have quite the same flavor as traditional beers that contain wheat and barley(and thus gluten) but they are worth trying.  The beers they selected replaced the wheat or barley with anything from sorghum to millet.  Find the top five choice at Imbibe's web site.  You can serve only gluten-free beers or add them to other beer or cocktails for your wedding guests who prefer a more traditional beer. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Lemonade Labels For Your Wedding

Why not have a non-alcoholic wedding and serve your guests some thirst quenching lemonade, limeade or pink lemonade? To give your wedding a unique look download these creative labels from 'I Do' It Yourself. The labels are customized with your names and the date of your wedding. The labels have a vintage look with an ingredient list that reads: "Ingredients for a happy marriage: love 25%, laughter 25%, friendship 25%, and fun 25%." The PDF file for these labels have a vintage look and have designs for fresh lemonade, limeade and pink lemonade. Visit their web site for more great DIY ideas for your wedding.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dazed and Infused: How to Make Your Own...

Dazed and Infused (Improving Your Spirits) is another one of my favorite blogs! The author says: "I’ve been infusing for years–vodka, oil, vinegar, simple syrup, other spirits, you name it. While the web has often provided some neat tips and inspirations, I am more often than not left figuring things out on my own."

This creative blogger not only combines wonderful  flavors and provides us with her successes but offers suggestions on what products to use when you're creating your own spirits. 

Now if I tried mixing all this up I'd likely poison you all... I can bake but creating alcohol? Not my style! Which is why I'm so happy to share this site with you. If you read my DIY blog you know that EASY is my middle name (for projects...get your minds out of ..) Some of her infusions are easy enough even for me! Heaven!

Visit Dazed and Infused and start a shopping list so you can start making your own great spirits.  From there it's a short step to deciding on the perfect signature drink for your wedding that will truly have your own signature. 

Find Your Perfect Signature Drink Here

I just discovered Mrs. Cummings Rx blog and fell in love! Her signature drinks are her own creations and the recipes come with gorgeous pics as well. Take some time to visit Mrs. Cummings Rx to find a perfect signature drink for your wedding day or for a wedding shower.   Enjoy her other features as well on crafts and canines.  The combination is irresistable!