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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dazed and Infused: How to Make Your Own...

Dazed and Infused (Improving Your Spirits) is another one of my favorite blogs! The author says: "I’ve been infusing for years–vodka, oil, vinegar, simple syrup, other spirits, you name it. While the web has often provided some neat tips and inspirations, I am more often than not left figuring things out on my own."

This creative blogger not only combines wonderful  flavors and provides us with her successes but offers suggestions on what products to use when you're creating your own spirits. 

Now if I tried mixing all this up I'd likely poison you all... I can bake but creating alcohol? Not my style! Which is why I'm so happy to share this site with you. If you read my DIY blog you know that EASY is my middle name (for projects...get your minds out of ..) Some of her infusions are easy enough even for me! Heaven!

Visit Dazed and Infused and start a shopping list so you can start making your own great spirits.  From there it's a short step to deciding on the perfect signature drink for your wedding that will truly have your own signature. 

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