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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Find Your Perfect Signature Drink Here

I just discovered Mrs. Cummings Rx blog and fell in love! Her signature drinks are her own creations and the recipes come with gorgeous pics as well. Take some time to visit Mrs. Cummings Rx to find a perfect signature drink for your wedding day or for a wedding shower.   Enjoy her other features as well on crafts and canines.  The combination is irresistable!


  1. Thanks so much! Your site is fabulous too! Just did a post on "Signature Wedding Cocktails"....the ones that I had at my wedding, but I would be happy to do another for you :) Love cocktails AND weddings, and now your site!

    1. Thanks for your replay Mrs. C. Was just back at your site again, found some more great ideas to try, keep them coming!

  2. Thanks for sharing the information about the Find Your Perfect Signature Drink Here. Yeah! it's really i found out the signature drink here. If any couples needs the whole resources of event, they may use the wedding planner iPhone app and make use of it.