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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ice Shot Glasses

I found these on Open Sky and thought I'd share them with you. Fred Cool Shooter Shots. (OK the name is kind of dorky!) They were recommended by Zane Lamprey and I'll add his quote about these incredible new ways to flavor your drinks!

Zane says: "I was at the Ice Bar in Denmark when I first did shots out of glasses made of ice. Then recently, I found some shot glass molds stateside. That’s when things really got interesting! I quickly forgot about pouring plain old water into the molds and experimented with other other beverages. Here are some of my summer favorites:
*Freeze Orange-Pineapple Juice and pour in Vodka: It makes for a tropical-tasting screwdriver.
*Freeze Mango-Coconut Water and pour in White Rum: Coconut water seems to be the “it” drink judging by the amounts piled high in grocery stores. It's supposed to be good for you. Luckily it also pairs well with rum!
*Freeze Limeade and fill the shot with Cachaca: This made for an instant caipirinha. Saúde!
Here’s another tip when making shooter cocktails: As the shot glass slowly starts to melt, drop it in a glass and pour in another shot of spirits over and club soda--now it's a flavored ice cube!"

Wow huh? Even if you think they might be a little messy for your wedding, think of all the fun you could have with them for a shower or bachelor or bachelorette party, or an after party from the wedding! Or think about giving them as a gift complete with your own list of fun drinks concoctions!  Let me know what you'd put in them as combinations.

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  1. Actually I also want to use a ice shot glasses for this coming Christmas party that's why I want to have some tips and ideas on how to start making them.

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