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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Have Your Ever Tried An Italian Margarita?

If you love Margaritas but want an Italian slant on one, try Italian Margaritas.  You can find the recipe on  Mrs. Cummings web site.  As you can see from her photo below she is "The Cocktail Queen!"

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Cummings Rx (link below)

As a lover of all things amaretto I just couldn't resist sharing her idea for a twist on the traditional margarita. 

Head over to Mrs. Cummings Rx, her web site, where you'll find the recipe for Italian Margarita's as well as other creative options for signature drinks for your wedding.  Try her Muchacha Rosado or Mango Mojito.  As you explore her site you're sure to find a use for every bottle in your home bar! (And some you don't have but will run out to purchase just to try out her recipes!)

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