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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Butter Beer? You Put WHAT in Your Beer?

Having a autumn or Thanksgiving wedding? Butter Beer from 15 Romolo is a perfect signature cocktail! What? You've never had Butter Beer? Give it a try this weekend. Serve Butter Beer as your signature drink at your wedding.  It's pumpkin butter gives it a flavor that's perfect for fall weddings. 

Butter Beer is a combination of Black Bottle Scotch, pumpkin butter, hot water, Port Brewing Company's Santa's Little Helper Imperial Stout foam (mix stout with ½ tsp. fruit pectin in whipped-cream canister). Combine Black Bottle scotch and pumpkin butter in a heated mug. Then add hot water, swirl, and top with foam. Recipe and photo courtesy of Daily Candy and 15 Romolo.

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