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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Frozen Lime Margaritas

Source: via PSMM on Pinterest

Fall in love with these cool and simple margaritas that originated from Real Simple Magazine.  Just salt your glasses with lime and salt, add some lime sorbet and pour on the tequila! Oh yeah! What a nice cool way to enjoy your summer wedding festivities when it's hot outside!

For the exact recipe visit Real Simple's web site. 

Love the 'white' wedding look! Perfect for a wedding shower or the wedding itself. Having a baby shower? You guessed it, choose a pink or blue sorbet (except for the mom to be, she might want to skip the tequila, maybe a nice smoothie for her?)  Or if the expectant mom doesn't know if it's a girl or boy, choose mint or lemon colors!

Planning a 4th of July picnic? You got it, go for the red, white and blue margarita. Some in each color to suit every guest and their palate! (If you can't find blue sorbet just use some food coloring on some lemon/lime sorbet when it's soft, mix it up and refreeze)

Frozen drinks are all the rage, no matter what kind of party you are planning. Look for other frozen drinks on my blog (or at Real Simple where they have some other great ideas!)

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