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Monday, July 11, 2011

Watermelon WHAT?

Watermelon what? OK I admit, I got totally sucked in by these great looking watermelon shooters created using limes and caraway seeds! So cool--not to mention great tasting! These are from The Family Kitchen where they've posted the recipe for all you shooter fans.  Easy as can be--for those of you who read my DIY wedding blog you know I ONLY make it if it's easy(well sometimes I attempt it if it's  hard but EASY is my thing.) I'm not into stressing out over a DIY project, or any other project!  So these shooters are just up my alley-easy and great looking, what more could you ask? Perfect for a picnic wedding or other outdoor event.  Take the idea of limes or lemons to hold your shooters and the sky is the limit! The only limits are your imagination and the flavors of JELLO! So go forth and create! Shooters that is!

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