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Friday, April 22, 2011

Weyerbacher Brewing Company Beer--Craft Beer At It's Best

The Weyerbacher Brewing Company was founded by Dan and Sue Weirback, a husband and wife team, who were big fans of craft brews.  They were looking for a new business to explore and since Dan was an avid home brewer and lover of craft beers they decided to make the leap into their own brewery. 

Today Weyerbacher offers beer drinkers with a taste for something a little different in their favorite brew a lot of different choices aimed at the discerning customer looking for full-flavored high-quality brews.  If that describes you then give them a try. While some beers are only available seasonally others are available year round. 

If you are planning on ordering some for your wedding consider a mix of their craft beers to offer your guests a beer smorgasbord instead of an regular open bar.  If your family is like many today, they're likely happier drinking beer than cocktails. 

I discovered these great brews at a charity event and have been a fan ever since.  Which is really saying something because I'm not usually a beer fan at all.  Initially their labels suckered me in (OK I admit it, I love good graphics, I buy wine because I like the labels too).  But with beer like wine, it's the taste that keeps you coming back for more. 

While there are more and more craft breweries out there today I don't think you'll be impressed with the flavor of Weyerbacher's offerings.  If your local beer distributor or liquor store doesn't carry it touch base with their local distributor.  It's not available in every state yet, but they are in 18 states, mostly on the East Coast but it's also in Ohio, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.  And likely coming soon to a state near you! Watch for it if it's not there yet.

They also offer tours of the brewery on Saturdays that are well worth the trip.  You can pick up some cases of beer while you are there to help decide on your favorites.

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